Traumatic Incident Reduction

Traumatic incident reduction and resolution is an amazing form of therapy that is offered by our team at Therapy Treatment Team, it can treat your deepest traumatic memories and even begin to help the way you feel physically. This form of therapy has been used for decades at this point and for good reason, many people who have undergone this form of trauma counseling rave about its effectiveness. But what can Traumatic incident reduction treat? What improvements can you expect in your life as a result of the treatment? And how does the entire process work?

These types of questions are important, and the Therapy Treatment Team knows this. It is because of these questions that we welcome all considering the treatment to read this full breakdown of what to expect.

What is This Form of Emotional Trauma Counseling Used For?

First of all, understand the traumatic incident reduction and resolution is meant to reduce traumas from past experiences, traumatic experiences do not only affect mental but also physical health and can become dangerous if not treated correctly. This form of counseling and trauma therapy was designed to assist those with traumatic incidents causing ailments, be them mental or physical, in their lives.

Getting this treatment is the first step in taking control of your life back from your trauma and starting the path to a happy and fully healthy life. But what exactly can you expect in terms of results from Traumatic Incident Reduction and Resolution?

How Can These Trauma Counseling Techniques Improve Your Life?

People who have undergone this form of trauma counseling will tell you, they are living an almost entirely new life since they underwent the traumatic incident reduction training. This therapy will work to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the feelings, emotions, attitudes, and other sentiments held towards negative past events and experiences. Along with this it also helps improve communication skills, personal creativity, personal awareness, and more. Traumatic incident resolution offers a new way to live your life and succeed like never before by taking control of your emotions and reducing a memory to just that, a memory.

How it Works

The most amazing thing about Trauma incident reduction is how straightforward the process is. Sessions are conducted in one-on-one sessions that usually range from one to two hours, in those sessions conducted at the Therapy Treatment Team offices or via Telehealth you will confront the source of the issue in a more constructive and beneficial way. Over the course of sessions expect to think about past experiences in a more personal way. By making the patient confront their history head on a new and more healthy relationship is established.

What is discussed in these sessions and their length will vary from patient to patient, each traumatic experience is unique to the individual so each traumatic incident reduction and resolution experience will vary as well. The most important part of the entire process is that the individual undergoing treatment be as open to the experience as possible.

Our Therapy Treatment Team is Ready to Help

If you are seeking this form of counseling in Fort Myers or are in the need of a Naples therapist, the Therapy Treatment team has both. They are qualified professionals who are ready to put you on the right path, one that leads to a healthy life. Contact us today if you are interested in this form of treatment and wish to learn more.