Marriage Counseling

There are many types of couple's therapy, but we focus on using the Gottman method, which is a research, highly effective, and evidence-based technique for couples.

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    What is Marriage Counseling?

    Couple’s therapy focuses on treating the relationship and not an individual.

    How we can Help?

    We can help you and your partner address past and current conflicts and teach you communication styles that will bring you closer. You can learn to be closer, more loving, and supportive of each other through the way you resolve your conflicts.

    How it works

    An appointment with you and your partner is made.

    We will conduct an assessment to obtain data about the status of your relationship and how criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling are hurting your relationship.

    We will begin a process of teaching you how to use vulnerable and honest communication to get closer. The plan is to stop you and your partner from being in therapy. We want to teach you how to do well on your own.