Depression Therapy

Depression can be treated with many techniques. Each technique can target different parts of your mind that are causing and maintaining the depressive symptoms. Here are some of the techniques our team uses to treat depression: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, motivational therapy, exposure therapy, EMDR, and acceptance and committment therapy.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a physiological disorder that affects the mind and body by reducing energy levels, the desire to see positive outcomes in the future, and having a sensation of persistent sadness. Untreated depression leads to a lack of motivation, an overwhelming sensation of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and hopelessness.

How we can Help?

Our team can help you overcome depression. We will work with you to target each of your symptoms and provide medication referrals when needed and desired.

How it works

We will assess your depression levels and diagnose based on your symptoms, history, and details of the depression

We will create a clinical treatment plan to begin targetting your symptoms.

We will start treating and making any new recommendations along the way. We believe we can help you manage and understand your depressive symptoms, and prevent future episodes.