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Child therapy involves the use of tools that meet your child at their emotional, developmental, and maturity level.

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What is Child Therapy?

Child counseling is therapy for children typically under the age of 12.

How we can Help?

We believe that child therapy has to be done differently. Starting with the room in which your child is seen and the items found in the therapy room. We have therapists in our team who are specialized in working with children under the age of 12. These specialized therapists know the tools and communication styles that have to be used to build trust, rapport, and a healthy therapeutic connection with your child.

How it works

We discuss the concerns you have about your child with you on the phone.

We see your child for the first appointment typically in person.

Depending on the situation, level of comfort, and preferences your child's therapists will start to treat your child and consult with you about their progress.

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